World of Mobile Legends: 5 Assassin Heroes for Team Battles

World of Mobile Legends: 5 Assassin Heroes for Team Battles

Assassins are often the best way to deal heavy damage in the exciting world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. But did you know that some killers can also be in charge of a team fight? Now let’s look at the exciting group of five killers who can help you win!

World of Mobile Legends: Lancelot: The Master of Swords

Lancelot is at the top of our list because he is the best killer ever. His skill, Puncture, makes him a good team fight starter. Lancelot leaves a mark on an enemy hero when he jumps at them. If an enemy is marked, the cooldown starts over. Lancelot is very good at team fights. He can do damage and stay out of harm’s way with quick moves like Thorned Rose and Phantom Execution.

World of Mobile Legends: Fanny, the hand-balancer

Fanny is one of the hardest killers to learn, but she can change the game if you know how to use her right. In and out of team fights quickly with her Steel Cable, Fanny can cause chaos with her Tornado Strike. It gets harder to stop her as the map gets longer. Also, her final attack, Cut Throat, can easily kill enemy heroes.

World of Mobile Legends: The Sneaky Ninja Hanzo

Some people might not choose Hanzo, but he is great at starting team fights. Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja, his special move, sends a monster to fight instead of himself, leaving his body behind. Even if the demon is beaten, Hanzo will only be stunned for a short time and will not be hurt. This dangerous ninja can cause a lot of trouble on the battlefield for a smart player.

Helcurt: The Assassin of Chaos

Helcurt likes chaos, and his ultimate, Dark Night Falls, gives it to the other team. This hero can strike quickly with Deadly Stinger because it blurs their view for 3.5 seconds. This hero has recently made even stronger in patch 1.6.50. Now is the perfect time to use his full power in high-level play.

Natalia: The Sneaky Charmer

Natalia doesn’t fit the type of wild assassin because she is great at roaming. She makes team fights more exciting by being able to hide and sneak up on enemies when they’re not expecting it. Not only does her smoke bomb slow down enemies that get hit by it, but it also lets Natalia sneak into the backline and kill weak targets.

In conclusion

As the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang changes all the time, these attackers change their roles by taking the lead in starting team fights. These heroes each bring something different to team fights that can help you win. Lancelot is precise, Fanny is good at gymnastics, Hanzo is a ninja, Helcurt is chaotic, and Natalia is sneaky. Put them to the test in your ranked VTBET games and watch the fun begin!