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Akal Global Secures the Physical and Digital Realms of Governments and Enterprises using Experience, People and Innovation.


Akal Global is an American owned company that was founded as Akal Security in 1980 with a commitment to serve and protect life. As the years progressed our commitment took on many forms and today the Akal Group is a strategically diversified venture that offers a full spectrum of security solutions. Akal is an ally of some of the most significant organizations in the world. Their trust in our capabilities drives us to pursue security excellence, day in and day out. We have built Akal on this "Ethos of Excellence," enabling us to deliver exemplary Security Solutions to our clients worldwide.

Akal Security

Akal Security, Inc. is a wholly  American-owned security services provider with over 35 years of exceptional service to federal, state, local and commercial customers.  Akal Security is highly valued by the United States Government, protecting a variety of critical facilities and sites.  Akal’s strengths in security personnel management, performance integrity and process efficiencies are valued by our customer agencies.

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Coastal International Security

Coastal international Security is the largest American-owned security services partner to the United States Government, protecting a variety of critical facilities across the world. Coastal is an industry leader in designing, delivering and managing complex, multi-site security programs. We provide our Customers with reliable and rapid access to a highly trained and experienced security force of officers in 25 countries plus 48 U.S. states and territories.

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Protective Services Training Academy (PSTA) is a world-class independent training facility delivering training solutions to Akal Global, other security companies, and government agencies. PSTA is the largest academy of its kind in the U.S. National Capital Region, with state-of-the-art classroom instruction, practical exercises, live fire exercises, and desktop exercises. PSTA’s Instructional Systems Design-based curriculum encompasses Security, Emergency and Risk Management, Resiliency, Conflict Resolution, Cultural Awareness, Foreign Travel Safety, and Survival in Austere Environments.

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Akal Aviation

Akal Global, through its Akal Security subsidiary, provides comprehensive security solutions for critical aviation infrastructure.  Our highly trained, skilled and experienced security personnel combine years of practical experience with innovative technology to deliver world class security and customer service to airports, airlines and Indirect Air Carriers. Akal Aviation also collaborates actively with Aviation Industry organizations to design, develop and field security solutions that address a wide array of emerging aviation and transportation security threats.

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Construction Surveillance Management

Akal Global, through its Coastal International Security (Coastal) subsidiary, designs and delivers custom solutions including physical security, training, and security consulting services.  Annually, Akal provides expertise on 100 international task orders for the U.S. Department of State (DoS) on the DOS Construction Surveillance Management (CSM) and Cleared American Guards (CAG) Programs. Under these programs Akal Global fields “Top Secret Cleared” personnel to oversee security efforts for DoS construction sites worldwide. Akal’s highly trained personnel ensure the security integrity of new USG construction interests abroad.

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Why Akal

Akal Global was founded as Akal Security in 1980. Over the past three decades Akal Security has morphed and grown into Akal Global, a family of American-owned and operated companies that employ security professionals in 26 countries. With decades of experience, and the collective efforts of our group of companies and business partners, we have become a prime provider of physical security, critical security consulting, security training, and security technology services to a broad and rapidly growing base of partners, public agencies and corporations in the U.S. and worldwide.

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Our mission is to protect life. We partner with and secure some of the most symbolic organizations in the world. They trust in our experience, expertise and delivery excellence. Akal's multidisciplinary suite of security services provides our clients with solutions tailored to fit their needs.





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