Gen G and Team Flash: Gaming Camp 2022

Gen G and Team Flash: Gaming Camp 2022

Gen G and Team Flash is teaming up to give you an Esports Masterclass like never before. Get ready for a great chance! Let us get into the specifics of this cool event that will rock Singapore this winter.

Gen G & Team Flash: What’s all the fuss about?

The Gen.G Global Academy and Team Flash have joined forces to make the Winter 2022 Esports Camp one of a kind. From December 19th to December 23rd, this 5-day camp promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience for esports-loving teens and young adults aged 13 to 18.

Gen G & Team Flash: Busy schedule for the most fun and learning!

Let’s get a sneak peek at what they do every day:

Day 1: Hello, e-sports!

  • Welcome: Get to know the other gamers and teachers.
  • Game Time: Look into how Gaming, Esports, and regular Sports are different.
  • Learn about the history, society, and huge world of e-sports in this lecture.
  • Seminar and Activity: Learn about the different job options in the e-sports business.
  • Speaker Guests: Enter the world of professional video games.

Days 2 and 3: Reflection, Roles, and Career Paths

  • Game Time: Think about the games you’ve played.
  • Guest Speaker: Find out about important jobs in the game industry.
  • Activity: Figure out what your gaming jobs mean and how they apply to real life.
  • Game Time: Pay attention to how to play different roles in e-sports.

Day 3: Making and designing games

  • Content Creation: Let your imagination run wild.
  • Look into what makes a good game as an activity.
  • Speaker Guests: Learn more about how to make games.
  • Tutorial: Make an easy game to learn how to code and make games.
  • Presentation: Show off the games you’ve made to everyone.
  • Guest Speaker: Find out how to make content for the gaming business.

The Business of Esports and Teamwork on Day 4

  • Task: Learn about how e-sports are run as a business.
  • Guest Speaker: Learn about how to run a business and make decisions about it.
  • Seminar and Activity: Plan ahead, keep track of time, and work together as a team.
  • Plan your own business venture in the world of video games.
  • Present: Tell the pros about your business project ideas.

Day 5: Direct Application and a Friendly Game

  • Direct Application: Make a business project to use what you’ve learned.
  • Professional Critique: Get comments on your project from people who are experts in the field.
  • Friendly Tournament: Show off your gaming skills in a friendly battle.
  • Award Ceremony: An exciting award ceremony is a great way to end camp.

Gen G & Team Flash: Why Should Folks Who Are Parents Listen?

This camp is more than just playing games if your kid loves them. They can learn how to be leaders, work as a team, and find hidden skills in a fun and supportive setting.

Gen G & Team Flash: Do something quickly!

You only have a few spots left in the Esports Camp – Winter 2022, so act quickly. If you want to improve your game skills, don’t miss this amazing chance to learn from the best in the business.

Are you ready to join BETSLOT this exciting game event? Sign up now, and get ready to learn, play games, and meet new people this week!