Georgia Election Workers Take Down Giuliani Again

Georgia Election Workers Take Down Giuliani Again

Hey, folks! Big news from Georgia – Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, the two election workers who recently scored a massive $150 million win against Rudy Giuliani for spreading lies, are back for round two. This time, they’re not just looking for cash; they want a judge to put a permanent lid on Giuliani’s fibs about them. Let’s dive into this legal rematch!

Georgia : The $150 Million Victory

So, picture this: Freeman and Moss went head-to-head with Giuliani and came out on top with a whopping $150 million for defamation. That’s a jaw-dropping win! But guess what?

Georgia Election Workers Take Down Giuliani Again

Suiting Up Again: No More Lies, Giuliani!

Giuliani just can’t seem to kick the habit of spreading false stories about Freeman and Moss. The new lawsuit they filed says he’s still at it, even after that hefty court loss. They’re not just after more money; this time, they want a judge to slam the door on Giuliani’s fibbing once and for all.


Georgia : Giuliani’s Persistent False Statements

The lawsuit spills the tea on Giuliani’s never-ending tales. It says, “Defendant Giuliani continues to spread the very same lies for which he has already been held liable.” Translation: he won’t quit with the false stories about Freeman and Moss. The lawsuit calls out his refusal to stop and says it’s time to put an end to the “campaign of targeted defamation and harassment.”


Seeking Permanent Relief

Freeman and Moss aren’t playing around. They want permanent relief from Giuliani’s lies. The new lawsuit is like a legal stop sign, telling Giuliani, “Enough is enough!” They’re asking a federal judge to step in and make sure he can’t keep making false statements about them.


The Call for it to Stop

The lawsuit wraps it up with a straightforward message: “It must stop.” Freeman and Moss are fed up with Giuliani’s constant fibbing and want the judge to make sure he puts a lid on it. No more dragging their names through the mud with untrue stories – it’s time for Giuliani to zip it up.


Conclusion: Georgia Takes a Stand

And there you have it – a Georgia duo not backing down from Rudy Giuliani’s falsehoods. Freeman and Moss are putting their foot down. Not just for the cash but for a permanent end to the lies. As the legal showdown continues, we’ll be keeping an eye on whether Giuliani can finally hit pause on the fib train or if Freeman and Moss will score another win in this legal rematch.