Our Core Purpose

We provide critical protection in a changing world.

Our Core Values

Akal Global stands by a set of Core Values—the vital principles that guide our company’s actions. Our Core Values serve as the strategic and cultural cornerstone in all of our business decisions—they shall not be compromised for convenience, trends, or short-term economic gain. We are committed to acting with truth and integrity while creating value for our clients, team members, employees, shareholders, and communities.

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Humility engenders real confidence. It is based on a quiet skill and expertise, deep knowledge and experience, and the acknowledgment that we are not afraid to ask questions and improve where required. Our commitment to humility means listening before responding and respecting the needs of our clients and employees.


Transparency is about being open, honest, and accountable in our performance and practices. We work hard to ensure our actions and methods are readily identifiable. Our transparency doesn’t just make good ethical sense; it makes good business sense, too. We believe it breeds trust and clarity, both of which form the foundation of great teamwork and partnerships.


Our goal for each contract is to listen to and focus on the customer. Communication is key. Delivery of our promises is critical to our business survival. We don’t want our customers to be complacent about our services—we want them to be impressed. Our vision is to build long-lasting, professional and trusting relationships.


Our company-wide dedication to “getting it right” means we operate under the belief there is no substitution for diligent and vigorous preparation, careful quality control, and strict contract and regulatory compliance. We will get it right the first time or we will work until our obligations are fully met. No excuses, no backtracking, no exceptions. Just solid accountability—and a focus on getting the job done right.