Akal combines expertise and industry-leading intelligence to deliver reliable “Personal Protection” services anywhere around the globe at a moment’s notice.

For the past 30 years Akal’s highly trained and skilled agents have provided protection for high-value individuals. Our services range from providing one-time personal protection to developing and implementing long-term comprehensive personnel and human asset protection programs.

Akal tailors its services to fit the unique needs of each client. Along with our flexibility and adaptability, Akal pays attention to key details. When location or timing requires a change of agents, we can seamlessly transfer services without impacting our clients.

Akal’s personal protection services are global (i.e. clients can rely on them anywhere, anytime), are supported by protective intelligence (i.e. 24/7 access to Threat Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis, and Real-Time Alerting, our agents quickly alter protection plans as situations change), and are scalable (i.e. we offer services that fit a client’s changing needs, from a one-time detail to long-term embedded agents.