Coastal International Security secures the Physical and Digital Realms of Governments and Enterprises using Experience, People and Innovation.


Coastal International Security secures the Physical and Digital Realms of Governments and Enterprises using Experience, People and Innovation.


Coastal International Security secures the Physical and Digital Realms of Governments and Enterprises using Experience, People and Innovation.


Coastal International Security secures the Physical and Digital Realms of Governments and Enterprises using Experience, People and Innovation.


Coastal International Security secures the Physical and Digital Realms of Governments and Enterprises using Experience, People and Innovation.



Coastal International Security is one of the largest U.S. owned security services provider to the U.S. Government. Coastal is fielding a security force of 1500 officers deployed across U.S. States, U.S. territories, and 25 countries. Coastal is an industry leader in designing and managing complex, multi-site security programs for the U.S. Government and Corporations, and is responsible for protecting critical government and industrial facilities.

CSM is a specialized division of Coastal International Security, Inc. Headquartered in Stafford, Virginia, CSM personnel are deployed overseas and throughout the U.S. For over two decades, Coastal’s Construction Security Monitoring Program (CSMP) continues to be on the leading edge of providing high end, specialized protection services.


Coastal’s comprehensive inspections test your organization’s ability to respond to threats quickly and effectively. Our security consultants have 20 years plus of hands-on experience in specialized countermeasure techniques with a specific focus on actions, devices, procedures, and techniques designed to mitigate threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks. Coastal’s experts work with client security personnel to review countermeasure systems to discover weaknesses in procedures, systems or personnel, define plans to eliminate and prevent identified weaknesses and implement corrective actions as required.


The appropriate response to any emergency begins and ends with communication, with the appropriate level of tactical action taken to resolve the emergency situations. Coastal’s incident and emergency response teams are well versed in response planning as well as response communications and resolution. On the response planning end, Coastal incident and emergency response teams assist our clients with emergency response planning, with a specific focus on 1) Response Plan Development, 2) Communication Systems Analysis, 3) Mass Notification System Design, 4) Development of Exercise Scenarios, 5) Conducting Red Team Exercises, and 6) After Action Analysis.

In terms of incident response resolution, Coastal provides its clients with specialized teams trained in communications, management, and execution of actual tactical operations with the appropriate weapons, including hostage rescue and the use of tactical weapons. Coastal teams are on duty 24/7, ready to respond quickly to any incident that develops.


Coastal’s clients frequently need to uncover sensitive information ranging from a review of the completeness and effectiveness of their security programs all the way to developing a comprehensive picture of emerging security threat scenarios. Coastal specializes in the use of proprietary methodological and technological tools for intelligence collection, synthesis, and reporting. We accomplish this by combining data gathered directly from client organization personnel and systems with data from open sources and readily available information databases including print and electronic media, books, journals, and Internet sources. Coastal’s digital capabilities make extensive use of data mining and machine intelligence for finding information buried in computer databases. As appropriate, Coastal can combine and synthesize information collected from client personnel and systems with information from overhead reconnaissance using satellites in order to create and educate clients on potential threat scenarios.


Coastal is highly respected in its ability to evaluate the security risks associated with an organization’s employees. Our experience comes from decades of conducting background investigations on personnel. Our personnel security reports cover criminal, civil and corporate investigative services, providing our clients with a comprehensive picture of their key personnel. Coastal’s professional investigators specialize in resolving a wide range of investigative issues and challenges – either as an independent and objective third-party or as an extension of departments such as Security, Human Resources, IT and Compliance. We are experts at gathering evidence and establishing facts to help organizations decide which courses of action best protect people, assets and reputations.


Coastal combines expertise and industry-leading intelligence to deliver reliable “Personal Protection” services around the globe, and at a moment’s notice.

For the past 30 years Coastal’s highly trained and skilled agents have provided protection for high-value individuals. Our services range from providing one-time personal protection to developing and implementing long-term comprehensive personnel and human asset protection programs.

Coastal tailors its services to fit the unique needs of each client. Along with our flexibility and adaptability, Coastal pays attention to key details. When location or timing requires a change of agents, we can seamlessly transfer services without impacting our clients.

Coastal personal protection services are global (i.e., clients can rely on them anywhere, anytime); are supported by protective intelligence (i.e., 24/7 access to Threat Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis, and Real-Time Alerting, our agents quickly alter protection plans as situations change); and are scalable (i.e., we offer services that fit a client’s changing needs, from a one-time detail to long-term embedded agents).


Coastal works directly with its clients in conducting security risk audits and in the subsequent development and implementation of thoughtful, tangible security solutions that reduce risk exposure. Coastal consultants are experts in identifying and evaluating risk using our proprietary methodology that considers risk as a function of the values of threat, consequence, and vulnerability. Once risks are identified we provide our clients with an actionable plan that is focused on creating levels of protection that mitigate vulnerabilities to threats and the potential consequences, thereby reducing risk to an acceptable level.


The CSM Program (CSMP) is a long trusted U.S. Department of State (DoS) provider in securing and surveilling highly sensitive construction sites worldwide. CSMP’s experience is also leveraged globally by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) in sensitive construction projects. CSMP is the preferred security resource for securing access controls to Secure Compartmentalized Information Facilities (SCIFs) and Sensitive Data Centers.

Ranging from access control with licensed Security Officers up to Cleared American Guards (CAGs) and Construction Surveillance Technicians (CSTs) with national security clearances, our CSM team is well seasoned domestically and abroad to meet a client’s security requirements. Our personnel are primarily Department of State SE-631 (CST) and/or SE-621 (CAG) certified and most have military experience, to include Marine Security Guard training.

Our CSTs are invaluable support personnel to U.S. Embassy and Consulate construction sites as well as Sensitive Data Centers. They have extensive training in construction surveillance techniques, including the use of x-ray technology to insure the safety of client materials, supplies and personnel. CSTs also are expertly trained to review site plans, engineering drawings and blueprints against actual build-out to ensure security compliance and integrity.


CSM secures and manages access control to client construction sites 24×365 by providing highly trained security guards with construction site access control experience. CSM’s access control services are tailored to meet customer needs ranging from basic access control and periodic perimeter monitoring to designing and implementing integrated security access control solutions.

Many construction sites pose special security challenges. CSMP serves construction projects within sensitive security areas, such as flight lines, where trained, trusted security escorts of construction personnel ensure on-time project completion. Cleared CSMP personnel expedite escorts and maintain high-integrity over watch, reducing the risk of security or safety deficiencies within the site.

On construction sites our Site Security Personnel also provide escort services for construction workers to ensure that workers do not gain access to secure areas, thus cocooning risk from inside the construction sites as well as addressing risks originating outside the construction site.

CSM is also very experienced in scaling and adjusting security service profiles based on changing construction phase requirements.


Coastal’s guarding programs span 40 U.S. states and territories, as well as 25 countries. We are an industry leader in designing, executing and managing complex, multi-site guarding programs for governments and corporations.


Coastal enables its clients to understand the specific and unique threats and risks specific to their organization. Coastal’s consultants have specialist knowledge across a wide range of issues including fraud, terrorism, pandemic, kidnap, extortion and animal rights and activist extremism. Using a business impact analysis, we help clients understand their vulnerability. We equip them to answer the questions: What are the processes, people and systems that we could not survive without? And what can we do to protect them?

With a deep understanding of our client, their culture, and business environment, Coastal’s consultants start planning and implementing a tailored crisis management system. We then integrate the crisis plans into management structures, incorporating any response and recovery plans that already exist, or create new ones as appropriate. We also help clients select and implement tools for incident reporting, communicating with internal and external stakeholders, and collecting and disseminating information.

Where clients already have plans in place, Coastal consultants’ experience qualifies them to review the plans and make recommendations for improvements. We also work with clients to test their crisis management preparedness, allowing plans to be modified to take account of changes. This enables the team as a whole to maintain familiarity with the systems in place and also to run through scenarios involving current or emerging threats.

In the event of a crisis, Coastal’s consultants can also offer expert assistance on-site to help our clients respond effectively.


Coastal provides management, personnel, and equipment to implement security programs anywhere in the world. Our armed security personnel are carefully chosen and extensively trained with the appropriate level of security clearances.

Coastal provides services to the U.S. government and multinational corporations in North America, East Asia, South Asia and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). With a fully operational business office and data processing center overseas, Coastal also provides cost-effective critical business and data processing services to the U.S. government and multinational corporations.

Coastal executes its security programs with high levels of efficiency and quality while simultaneously being responsive and accessible to our clients.

Coastal also has a league of experienced, trained former military personnel from Asia and Africa. These security personnel are proficient in handling critical high security guarding assignments in any part of the world.


Coastal security experts work with our clients to ascertain the effectiveness of client security programs. Coastal applies a combination of proprietary methodological and technical tools to conduct our security evaluations. The primary focus of Coastal security audits is to provide our clients with an accurate assessment of the current state of their security programs, areas of weakness, opportunities for improvement, as well as a comprehensive plan to develop and implement security improvement programs.


Coastal provides clients with a complete turnkey security operation as well as consulting and training services on security management to a clients’ in-house security forces. Coastal’s full suite of security program management services include 1) Security Program Surveys and Audits, 2) Policy and Procedure Review & Development, 3) Security System Evaluation, 4) Security Business Process Analysis, 5) Integrated Security Systems Design and Specifications; and 6) Continuity Of Operations Planning.

To help clients execute a successful security strategy we produce a Security Master Plan that is tailored to the specific needs of the client’s security posture. The security master plan assures that all facets of a security/safety program are properly addressed, specifies the types of equipment that will meet present and future needs and provides a tool for requesting and justifying security funding.

The security master plan specifically 1) Seeks to ensure that all facilities are adequately protected and appropriate security policies and procedures are in place; 2) Provides short and long-range projections of projects, policies, and procedures required to meet the Client’s anticipated security needs; 3) Provides recommendations and alternative approaches for eliminating or at least minimizing security threats and areas of vulnerabilities; 4) Provides Cost Benefits Analysis for implementing security and safety measures; and 5) Outlines a multi-year, multi-project strategic implementation plan based the Client’s projected operating budget.


Coastal’s three decades of industry knowledge gives us unique insights that we bring to bear in helping our clients with security strategic planning and in the development of well-defined and cost-effective security programs.

Coastal partners with its clients to develop successful security strategies that are custom-tailored to their specific needs, whether the focus is in developing a new security program or improving the effectiveness of an existing department. Our detailed recommendations and support cover every critical domain, including program strategy and structure; leadership, staffing and organization; policies, procedures and protocols; technologies and technical systems; physical security; and bench-marking against organizations comparable in size, industry focus or business model.

As part of the strategy development process, we also prepare a comprehensive cost analysis as well as budget recommendations. These include an evaluation and review of program or departmental costs and budgets in order to align expenditures with risks, eliminate inefficiencies, improve return on investment and increase value delivery to the organization.

Coastal strategic services also include targeted support in areas such as risk, threat and vulnerability assessment, operational and tactical planning and execution, fusion center program development, special event security, executive protection, workplace violence prevention, behavioral threat assessment and emergency preparedness and crisis management.


CSM has operated for two decades in providing Site Security Personnel, who review construction-in-progress to ensure that what is being built is as designed and specified in the original design drawings. Site Security Personnel have national security clearances, enabling CSM to support Governments and private sector companies domestically and globally.

Before and during the construction, Site Security Personnel review and screen for eavesdropping equipment to reduce the possibility of eavesdropping equipment being installed into a building infrastructure during the construction phase. Site Security Personnel also have specialized training and technology that enables them to screen for explosive material, thus ensuring that explosive materials are not installed in buildings during construction.


CSM’s professionals have decades of experience in screening processes and technologies. We provide our clients with the ability to screen people and materiel off-site before loading onto sealed trucks for transportation to construction sites. Based on client requirements, CSM Personnel can also conduct final screening at construction access control points by leveraging security personnel with specialized training in screening technologies.


Akal Protective Services is an industry leader in designing and managing complex, multi-site guarding programs for Governments and Corporations. These Customer Stories represent examples of our work for some of the leading organizations on the planet.

Homeland Security










Customer Story - Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement – Miami, Florida

Akal has worked under contract to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Division (ICE) of the Department of Homeland Security, and before that the Immigration and Naturalization Service, for 20 years.  We currently provide security services as a subcontractor to a Native-American owned company securing a ICE immigration detention center in Florida.

Customer Story - U.S. Army

U.S. Army Access Control Guard Program

In 2003, Akal was awarded three contracts to provide 1,500 security guards to eight U.S. Army installations, including some of America’s largest posts at Fort Hood, TX and Fort Stewart, GA. Akal’s guards have been a critical element of the Army’s response to the 9/11/01 attacks, providing resources to allow stricter access control and increased security at our domestic bases. The Army’s ratings for Akal’s performance has averaged 98 percent over three years, and the prevention of unauthorized access to the facilities has increased significantly.

Customer Story - U.S. Air Force

U.S. Air Force Armed Guards at 18 Installations

In 2005, Akal was awarded a contract to provide armed guard services at 18 Air Force installations throughout the U.S., including five installations in Colorado. Akal provides more than 550 guards under the contract. Akal has performed installation entry control, vehicle inspections and searches, pass and badge verification, control and inspections of commercial traffic, operation of Visitor Control Centers and emergency and crisis response.

Customer Story - Railway Security

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad — Arizona, California and New Mexico

Akal delivers comprehensive security services for this transportation giant in a multi-state region. Patrols secure heavy equipment, bridges and rail infrastructure. Personnel respond within hours to periodic train derailments and other emergencies. With billions of dollars in cargo moving into its terminals and out over thousands of rail miles, BNSF depends on Akal for the vital support necessary to keep its system secure.

Customer Story - U.S. Marshals

Department of Justice U.S. Marshals Service — Court Security Officer Program, Federal Courthouses in 40 States

Akal brings 14 years of experience and innovative services to protecting the U.S. judicial family against threats of terrorism and criminal attack. Over 3,000 deputized Akal Court Security Officers (CSOs) are on the front lines at our federal courts every day. These career law enforcement officers maintain strict access control and protect judges and courtrooms. To strengthen the integrity of the program, Akal developed an advanced training program to help CSOs detect explosives and weapons.

Customer Story - Dept. of Justice

Officers Stop Gunman

Akal Court Security Officers (CSOs) on duty at the federal courthouse in Corpus Christi, Texas, heard gunshots outside the front entrance of the courthouse. They ultimately rushed the shooter and ordered him to drop his weapon. When the suspect raised his gun to fire, CSO Adrian Perez knocked him to the ground and took him into custody. Perez was named 2004 CSO of the Year by the U.S. Marshals Service and all the officers involved in the incident received letters of commendation.

Customer Story - Court Security

Officers Retrieve Hidden Gun

Akal Court Security Officers (CSOs) discovered a gun and ammunition hidden in a diaper bag by a man attempting to bring them to a meeting with creditors. Assistant U.S. Trustee Antonia Darling, Northern and Eastern Districts of California and District of Nevada, wrote to commend the CSOs: “Their alertness and quick action prevented a dangerous situation which could have resulted in tragedy.”

Customer Story - NASA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Akal Protective Services provides and manages all security service personnel to the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) at three critical locations, protecting NASA’s physical and intellectual property 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. In addition to security operations, Coastal (Akal) provides Emergency Response Services, including full service fire, medical and Special Response Units. Our personnel provide a wide array of other valuable services, including security training and consulting services, program security, physical and personnel security, industrial security, identification, badging and registration, and armed patrols. In addition, we operate a 24/7 Public Safety 911 Call Center, coordinate special events and activities, ensure document security and escort transportation of space flight hardware.

APS operates with a high standard of performance, offering quality, timeliness and excellent cost-effectiveness. We also maintain a rigorous officer training and qualification program. This enabled us to be particularly effective and responsive in protecting NASA facilities in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. With short notice, APS personnel performed to the high standards expected of them.

Customer Story - U.S. Embassies

U.S. Embassy Sierra Leone

Akal holds the prime security contract for the Department of State, U.S. Embassy, Sierra Leone. We are deeply vested and committed to bolstering the economy and quality of life among the local population. We deploy more than 226 Host Country National’s (HCN) to provide physical security and protection of U.S. assets, including services at the main embassy buildings and diplomatic staff residences, both on and off site. With well administered compensation and benefits to our employees, we are proud of the high morale and strong performance record of our staff. By hiring a manger who is training professional, we’ve greatly improved the standard of training for all security guards. Additionally, we have helped invest in the economy in other ways: