Akal Global is the umbrella organization of Akal Security and Coastal International Security. These entities share centralized support services such as accounting and finance, human resources, contract administration, information technology and logistics as well as corporate officers and executives.


Akal Security (Akal) was founded in 1980. Over the past the decades it has grown from a small local firm to one of the largest U.S. owned contract security companies in the United States. Started with a $1,200 loan from one of its founders, Akal has grown steadily by exceeding client expectations and remaining dedicated to service and employee development. Akal is one of America’s largest security personnel firms and one of the top 100 government contractors in America. Akal’s commitment to serving our clients, employees and communities remains the foundation of the exceptional services our people provide every day, across the nation and around the world.

Akal’s core purpose and values guide the company’s actions and decisions and serve as the foundation on which Akal builds relationships with its clients, employees, and communities.

Today, Akal specializes in providing security for critical federal government facilities and state and local government agencies.

Akal’s highlights include:

  • U.S. owned and operated since 1980.
  • Named America’s top employer of disabled veterans in 2005.
  • Ranked as one of the top 100 civilian contractors in the United States by Government Executive Magazine.
  • Operating and protecting facilities vital to our nation’s security.


Founded in South Carolina, Coastal International Security’s reputation quickly spread to Washington, D.C., across the nation and around the world. Today Coastal provides services the United States and twenty different nations. Coastal’s professional security officers protect the lives of employees and citizens, property, and national security interests worldwide and is the largest provider of contract security services to government throughout the National Capital Region (NCR).

Coastal provides strategic planning and security services to high-impact government agencies such as the Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, NASA, Department of Defense as well as commercial organizations. An American-owned and operated company offering a full spectrum of top-end security solutions at home and abroad, Coastal’s services are crucial to clients that need to know their interests are safely protected. Coastal is the strategic security partner of choice to agencies tasked with some of America’s most sensitive issues of defense and protection.


The Akal Foundation was established in 2016 with the mission of ‘Serving Humanity’. The Akal Foundation currently provides resources for health and wellness projects supporting our New Mexico and broader communities.A notable project that we fund is the Food For Kids Program in Northern New Mexico, an Espanola Valley volunteer program providing food bags for the weekend to school children from low-income families. All funds contributed to the Akal Foundation is provided directly to the supported charity as Akal Security provides all of the administrative support to maintain the foundation. As we expand, we are looking at ways to support other educational and health related projects.